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Miryam Coppersmith is a performance-maker, writer, dancer, and educator. Her performance work aims to redefine and reinvigorate live space and engage with the present moment. Drawing from a DIY punk ethos, a myriad of trainings in theater and dance, and a love of teaching and learning, each performance intends to be the start of a real conversation between performer(s) and audience. 


Miryam writes for thINKingDANCE, teaches the BMitzvah program at Makom Community, and is the Dance Arts Mentor at URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy

Miryam is also an avid social dancer. She teaches blues dance, contact improvisation, and lindy hop.

Miryam has extensive experience in Jewish Education, as a classroom teacher, B'nei Mitzvah tutor, camp teacher, and artist-in-residence. 

BA in Dance and Creative Writing from Oberlin College

On my mind... December 2019

"Not all forms of agency are resistance."

 -paraphrased from Karen Brodkin's How Jews Became White Folks

"We are traditionally rather proud of ourselves for having slipped creative work in there between the domestic chores and obligations. I'm not sure we deserve such big A-pluses for that."

-Toni Morrison, quote found in The Artist's Way

Yes, I'm doing the Artist's Way. I found the book at a used bookstore the day after Blues Muse, the dance event I run with Genevieve Senechal. It seemed, finally, like the time. Through Julia Cameron's tutelage, I'm working on living more boldly and vulnerably. I'm connecting with my impulses. I'm reconciling with my child self and owning my early successes (just in time for Sopranos fans to find me on social media.) I organized my bedroom (yay!) and might actually be able to think and create in it. I've made (and failed to make) Artist Dates with myself. I'm trying to keep more secrets (סודות). In the spirit of that, I won't share too much about my thoughts on Karen Brodkin's book. Keep an eye out for some secret-leaking in 2020.

I'm taking my big, bold artist-self to URJ Biennial and presenting with Jo-Ellen Unger and Elias Rubin, some pals from Creative Arts Academy. If you got here because you met me there, welcome. Get in touch by sending an email and/or joining my newsletter! Let's see what we can make together.


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