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Performer & Educator 




Miryam Coppersmith is a performance-maker, writer, dancer, and educator. Her performance work aims to redefine and reinvigorate live space and engage with the present moment. Drawing from a DIY punk ethos, a myriad of trainings in theater and dance, and a love of teaching and learning, each performance intends to be the start of a real conversation between performer(s) and audience. 


Miryam writes for thINKingDANCE, is an Artist in Residence at Mascher Space Cooperative, and the Dance Arts Mentor at URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy

Miryam is also an avid social dancer. She teaches Blues dance, Contact Improvisation, and Lindy Hop.

Miryam has extensive experience in Jewish Education, as a classroom teacher, B'nei Mitzvah tutor, camp teacher, and artist-in-residence. 

BA in Dance and Creative Writing from Oberlin College

On my mind... June 2019

"Is it going to be good?"

"What is good?"

"Is it going to matter?"

"What is matter?"                I touch your arm

"We are matter. So if we are in it, it matters."

Everything is in ProcessKlezmer Studies or How I Could Never Dance at my Cousin's Wedding, and Tsror/Pebble premiere at Fresh Juice: mostly new, mostly solos, June 15 & 16. On June 17th, I leave Philadelphia for the summer to return as Dance Arts mentor for URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy.

This June is the first time I will be showing my own work, pretty much since college. It's a study in allowing for things to be not more or less than what they are. Creating work is like chewing cud for me, considering and deconstructing the stuff of my life and digesting it. I've changed a lot in the past four years and I have not been chewing the cud of all this change; I've not been performing my own work. Perhaps this is a start, or one of many starts. In any case, I'd love to see you there and hear your thoughts on what you see. 


Oh hey, it's me :)

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