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Miryam Coppersmith is a performance-maker, writer, dancer, and educator. Her performance work aims to redefine and reinvigorate live space and engage with the present moment. Drawing from a DIY punk ethos, a desire to blend the lines between disciplines, and a love of teaching and learning, each performance intends to be the start of a real conversation between performer(s) and audience. Her most recent work centers friendship as the sod, the secret, at the center of collaboration.

Miryam writes and edits for thINKingDANCE. She is also an avid social dancer. She teaches blues dance, contact improvisation, and lindy hop.

BA in Dance and Creative Writing from Oberlin College

On my mind... June 2021

"The holidays have become a kind of ghetto in time—a little enclave in our everyday world where we can withdraw into our Jewishness.


But ghettoes in time are no more comfortable than the ghettoes in space used to be.”

                   -Arthur Waskow, Seasons of our Joy

Reading The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

Grateful for vaccination efforts and the ability to visit family and friends

Wobbling around in the jello mold my Lunar CoLab members and I are holding- building up our June performance

Feeling forward with sensitive limbs for what's next


Oh hey, it's me :)

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