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Mirele Lernt Zich Yiddish

Premiering in Cannonball Festival!

Monday September 4       5pm

Thursday September 14    8pm

Friday September 22        7pm

Mirele Lernt Zich Yiddish is a semi-improvised dance/theater journey through my reclamation of Yiddish and the whitening process of Ashkenazi Jewry that squeezed the Yiddish out of us in the first place.

The slippage of authenticity and ownership.

Did WE (Jews/Americans/my family) shape

IT (America/Judaism/Whiteness/Nationalism/Culture)

or does IT shape US?


This performance exists in dialogue with Karen Brodkin's How Jews Became White Folks, Cécile McLorin Salvant's performances of minstrel songs, the poetry of Reyzl Zhikhlinski, and that guy at the klezmer festival who indignantly asked me "Who are you?" in the coffee line because he'd never seen me at one of these before.​

This piece has been workshopped at SoLow FestYou Can't Fail and Get What You Need.

Photo: Johanna Austin


Self producing is a big challenge,

so every donation means a lot to me! 

Your donation helps me compensate my amazing collaborators, pay for materials for props and sets, venue fees and more.

Click that donate button to learn more about the fun donor perks and shik uns a bisl gelt (send us some $$)!

Digital Program Coming Soon

Check back here for collaborator bios,

deep dives into my research process and more!

For now,

אַ האַרציקן דאַנק

A heartfelt thanks to

Cannonball Festival, our hosts!

Elijah Jones, my collaborator and dramaturg!

Heather Griffin, Lighting Designer

Ruth Coppersmith, mask designer

Philly Typewriter

Awesome Dudes Printing

All my donors and first audiences for this project!

Artdate with katherine
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