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The Chasm

 -paraphrased from Karen Brodkin's How Jews Became White Folks

Not all forms of agency are resistance. 


תהום– The Chasm comes from my desire to start conversations about Jews and race in America. The Jewish story in America reveals a lot about the intersections of racial identity and assignment, the process of whitening, and the violence inherent in that process. It's also a very personal story for me; my mother's decision to enter the Cantorate in her mid-thirties reversed the generational tide towards assimilation in my family. It often feels like she and I are swimming upstream.


This performance brings together my own family history and analysis about the larger story of Jews in America. Song, storytelling, and vocalizations, movement and dance carry me through these different threads. This piece has been workshopped in Philadelphia at You Can't Fail and Get What You Need. Please contact me if you're interested in learning more!

Artdate with katherine
More information about this project is coming soon, but for now, check out this related ArtDate with the fabulous Katherine Kiefer Stark!
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