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Art Date #4: Janna

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Janna Meiring and I improvised a lot of ideas that we wrote on index cards. Here, in this post, you can experience some of those index cards as various types of media. Let's begin.

Shifting States

We warm up, doing what we need, apart and alone but aware of the other person. I feel self-conscious about making sound. Janna makes sound. I feel distinctly aware of the unspoken aesthetics of "somatic warmup," particularly as I haven't been doing much somatic movement lately. I start to create tiny shifts in my body, thinking about each joint independently of the others, organizing and reorganizing my angles. I find a dance of characters in this exploration.


Talking Over Distance


the sea?

Pairs of chairs. Under, over, through the sea(?) of chairs. I can't see you. Janna?

Questions asked and answered over distance. We become interested in multi-media documentation of our dialogue across space and choreography through space.

(These are best experienced with headphones, by the way.)

And finally, your moment of zen

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Table Moving (Study)

Snack Break

We Made ART!

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