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ArtDate #3 (Extra): Julio

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

ArtDates is an attempt to stop the endless cycle of meeting awesome collaborators, talking about making something and then never having the time or coordination to make it happen. I meet with a collaborator for one day and we make something from scratch. Whatever is made at the end of the Date is the piece and we create some artifact (video, performance with an audience, audio, etc.) to mark that.

I cheated on this one. My friend Julio Escarce did not know that we made this ArtDate together, though it truly felt like a collaboration. I was having a really tough week, got deep in my head spirals. Julio (who lives across the country) left me four maximum-length voicemails to bolster my confidence. I listened to the first, then downloaded the rest without listening and improvised this solo to Julio's words. The video is dark, I know. This was "just for me" but once it occurred to me that it was an ArtDate I knew I had to post it.

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