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ArtDate #9: Harlee

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Way back in September, Harlee Trautman and I took a break from our September schedules to have an art date. I was coming from starting a new job, writing up a storm reviewing the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and re-acclimating to life in Philadelphia after disappearing to teach at summer camp. I was riding a wave of deep anxiety and stress. Harlee was feeling considerably more mellow. Her schedule had just opened up a bit and she was happy to have some unbounded, exploratory studio time together.

We decided to explore the way anxiety manifests in our bodies and our physical strategies for letting it go. When we started recording, we also had fun playing with the stairwell of the Iron Factory as illusion and visual interest. Here are some of our explorations:

Thanks to Harlee for playing (and waiting for my supremely late edit) and thanks to you for watching. Go see more ArtDates HERE.

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