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Thank you so much for coming to
Mirele Lernt Zich Yiddish!


A solo show does not happen alone! Here are the fabulous folks who helped me create this piece. Click on their names to find their websites!



Yiddish Advisor

Sources and Citations

Mirele Lernt Zich Yiddish is a collage of sorts, bringing in different historical sources and cultural influences and mixing them in the blender (on low) with my own experience. Here you can find citations of some of the sources I bring into the show.


Yiddish Language

Yiddish is a language once spoken by 11 million people all over the world. While it has a lot of overlap with German and Hebrew in its vocabulary, it has its own grammatical system and linguistic overlaps with Polish, Russian, and other languages. Some institutions working to teach Yiddish, preserve historic Yiddishkeit and foster new Yiddish culture are YIVO, the Yiddish Book Center, and the Worker's Circle.


Little Boxes

Little Boxes is a song written by Malvina Reynolds. Here's Pete Seeger singing it

The speech about Forest Hills is from an archival recording of a protest I found via this episode of the podcast School Colors: "The Battle of Forest Hills."

This "battle" was a very public example of a primarily Ashkenazi Jewish community fighting to keep low-income housing out of their neighborhood,  contributing to housing segregation.


Yiddish Dance

Yiddish dance is a modern term for a variety of folk forms danced to klezmer music (another modern term) which come primarily from Eastern European/ Ashkenazi Jewish communities. You can dance in a line, circle, with a partner, or solo. Here's a link to Helen Winkler's website on Yiddish dance.


Der Giftpilz

Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom) was a children's book written by Ernst Hiemer. A piece of Nazi propaganda, the book was intended to teach children how to identify a Jew the same way they would a poisonous mushroom. This book is one of many historic and modern works that trumpet overtly antisemitic images and tropes about Jews.


Zi Zingt in a Shney

Zi Zingt in a Shney is a lid (or poem) written by Rajzel Zychlinski and published in 1969. 


East Side Street Vendors

"East Side Street Vendors" was an article published in the New York Times on July 30th 1893. I found the article excerpted in Karen Brodkin's book How Jews Became White Folks


Massive thanks to Philly Typewriter for loaning this period-accurate working typewriter for this scene.


Little Mary Phagan

Little Mary Phagan was a country song written by Fiddlin' John Carson and sung by his daughter, Rosa Lee. The song gives a falsified account of the murder of Mary Phagan, painting Jewish factory manager Leo Frank as the murderer. Frank was convicted in a trial that has since been discredited by many legal scholars. When his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, he was broken out of jail by the KKK and lynched. You can read more about Leo Frank here.

אַ האַרציקן דאַנק

A heartfelt thanks to


Stage Manager Sophie Koester

all the donors to the project including

Finch Foner, Suzanne Bernstein, Marlena Goodman, Naomi & Molly Barger,

Jonathan Stein, Ruth Coppersmith, Margot Steinberg, Janna Meiring,

Derek Freeh, Celeste Senechal, Genevieve Senechal, Ted & Lisa Bloch, John Krieger-Joven,, Katherine Stark, Curt Haworth, Annie Wilson, Ellie Rubin, Max Schwimmer


folks who donated or helped create set and prop pieces

Benjamin Bass, Shoshana Gordon, Genevieve Senechal, 

Artemis Azrael Krieger-Joven, Arianna Valocchi, Maddie Rabin, MariahMennano, Micah Greenleaf and Ardon Shorr

my "first readers" who gave me early feedback on the piece

Keila Cordova, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Finch Foner, Athena Anthea, Suzanne Bernstein, Alison Woitte-Jones, Ella-Gabriel Mason, Katherine Stark,

Loren Groenendaal, Janna Meiring, Curt Haworth, Micah Greenleaf,

Dani Holtz, Margot Steinberg, Jamie Harrison Rubin

my volunteer techies and roadies

Kerian Pearson, Loren Groenendaal, Micah Greenleaf, Gaby Marantz

my Yiddish dance and language teachers and mentors

Steve Weintraub, Bruce Bierman, Avia Moore, Perl Teitelbaum,

Anna Fishman Gonshor, Mikhl Yashinsky,

Noah Barrera, Shane Baker, Joshua Price

Mirele Lernt Zich Yiddish
is presented by


Thanks to


Philly Typewriter who loaned us a typewriter from the 1890s to use in the original productions! Check them out in East Passyunk



Awesome Dudes Printing who screen-printed our
Shlepta Bags. Send me an email or DM if you want one

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Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Cannonball Festival for helping to produce the premiere of Mirele in September 2023.

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