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Art Date #5: Molly

Welcome to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, where Molly Barger and I had my first ArtDate of Philadelphia Fringe. We'd like to invite you into the space(s), but first, you must encounter Madame Fortuneteller and some strange alien creatures.

You're in!

If you're the sort of person whose attention wavers without something to listen to as you watch, feel free to score these next two videos yourself. Search for "Purple" in your music library and play the first song that interests you. I tried this with Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello and Purple Rain by Prince and found the results delightful each time.

Purple plays with two weight-bearing surfaces (floor and wall) and surprising timing.

We found this score kind of Beckett-ish.

Now type "Blue" into your music library.

I played this with Aeroplane Blues by the Black Keys. Delight ensued.

Blue plays with over-under, traveling, and aerobics.

Finally, RED! We created this game. It's essentially "wrestle your partner off the mat." But you have to keep your hands connected the whole time. Try this at home and get very sweaty :)

Thanks for joining us.

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(P.S. Molly was in my senior undergraduate thesis. Here's some pics of us babies :)

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