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ArtDate #12: Marion

Marion and I have been friends since freshman year of college and she was one of the first people I thought to do an ArtDate with. On the day we managed to get together in January, we were both feeling a little frayed. She'd been working deeply and collaboratively with many folks in preparation for her show Eat Dirt / Be Free. I was in the last week of preparation before the first showing of my Untitled Jews and Race Project.

We decided, as two old friends can, to collaborate by sitting in a rom together and working on our own pieces which might then be combined. She sat at my desk with some acrylic paint and I sat on the floor with a large piece of sketchbook paper and a pen.

Marion's Painting

My writing

We were both on a nostalgic wavelength. We chose a section of my writing to combine with her drawing. She painted in the stomped-out cigarette.

Are we done? I asked.

Yes, she said.

It could be that simple and it was.

Check out Marion's show at Vox Populi this Friday! More ArtDates are waiting for you HERE.

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